Adler Award 2012

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Niasony wurde in der Kategorie “Soziale Aktivitäten” für den Adler Award 2012 der African Youth Foundation ( nominiert. Die Preisverleihung fand am 1. Dezember bei einer Gala-Veranstaltung in Bonn statt.

Der Adler Award wird jährlich an Menschen verliehen, die sich in unterschiedlicher Weise besonders für die afrikanische Diaspora einsetzen:

The ADLER Entrepreneurship Award is an award to acknowledge the accomplishments of Africans in Europe and Africa.

It is presented to Africans and people of African descent that show the greatest promise of contribution to human well-being, through the creation and application of their activities, intellect and knowledge. The award also deems to encourage and support these citizens in their efforts and to showcase their impact on their communities on the local, national and international levels. The practical application or creation of jobs and wealth which will generate substantial value for Africans in the Diaspora and in Africa.” [...]

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"AFRO represents my roots and PLASTIQUE the poverty I'll never forget - my first pair of sandals was plastic." Niasony says, who came from Congo to Gemany at the age of 13. With an under the skin getting voice the new Congolese Diva sings about her soul, which is torn between Africa and Europe. Her music represents an melange of urban Afrobeats, traditional Soukous and driving Reggae.

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