Auf dem Triumphmarsch zum Star …

Moon of the south berichtet begeistert über Niasonys Performance in Paris, zu Ehren des jüngst verstorbenen Likinga Mangenza Redo, einer der größten Musiker aus dem Kongo (DRC):

Niasony Okomo’s ‘triumphal march’ to stardom

Photo: Issa Sikiti Da Silva / Moon of the south

Photo: Issa Sikiti Da Silva / Moon of the south –
Von links: Niasony Okomo, Faya Tess und Papi Tex.

Congo-Brazzaville’s Afro-plastic star Niasony Okomo continues her triumphal march to stardom by putting in place, among others, pieces of missing puzzles to complete her musical journey. […]

‘I’m planning to do a featuring with Papy Tex. He will write three songs for me, and the album will be launched under the stable of Empire Bakuba,” Okomo told Moon of the South on Sunday.

Tex, real name Matolu Dode, is one of the musicians who worked with the late Pepe Kallé in the Congolese Empire Bakuba band. But the band seems to have floundered since the death of Kallé. However, recent reports from the capital Kinshasa suggest that Tex is about to revive it. Okomo could be among the stars that will attempt to bring the band back to life.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that she has some qualities of the DR Congo star Abeti Masikini in her, Okomo has finally decided to interpret a few songs of the late singer, without however naming which ones. […]

The journey to full stardom looks indeed rosy for Okomo, and it seems as nobody or nothing will stand on her way to fulfill her dreams.

Ganzer Artikel: by Issa Sikiti Da Silva

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"AFRO represents my roots and PLASTIQUE the poverty I'll never forget - my first pair of sandals was plastic." Niasony says, who came from Congo to Gemany at the age of 13. With an under the skin getting voice the new Congolese Diva sings about her soul, which is torn between Africa and Europe. Her music represents an melange of urban Afrobeats, traditional Soukous and driving Reggae.

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