Niasony Press Release

Niasony & Maoba represent a unique style that Niasony calls “Afroplastic” – a vibrant mix of urban soundscapes, funky Afrobeat, traditional Soukous rhythms and driving Reggae grooves. 

Niasony Okomo lives in Germany since she was 13 years and is home for many years as a singer and dancer in the world music scene. Since March 2012, the Lower Rhine living Niasony is supported Live by the Maoba Project from Muenster and other guest musicians.

With their live show Niasony & Maoba deliver a unique mix of Afro-funk, reggae and soukous, moving legs and hips. But Niasony never forgets to explain the message in her Lingala (the main language in the Congo) sung texts to the audience. Nia is struggling with numerous actions to ensure that the situation of their brothers and sisters in the Congo will finally improve – from everyday murder, rape, oppression, corruption and foreign domination in the Congo and throughout Africa.

Niasony Okomo & Maoba Project manage the balancing act between dance music and serious political concerns. The Congo-born Niasony blends her haunting African vocals with driving, pulsating beats. This unique style she calls Afroplastic: “It´s like jungle drums creeping through the urban night, calling you in your dreams …”

The music video for her song “Ponanini” appeared on the “Alien Café” sampler “Metropol Cinema”, inspired the music editors of Germany so that it made it into the final of the Frankfurt Music Messe 2012 – out of over 300 submissions. Currently Niasony is working to achieve her first solo album. For her live acts she is supported by the Maoba Project.

Live Crew

Niasony Okomo: Lead Vocals, Uwe Groover: Drums, Swami Adami/Ali Ottman: Bass, Joe Wenninghoff: Guitar, Tom-Tom: Percussion, Trumpet, Alex Vitz: Background Vocals

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